Managing your own rental property may seem like a good idea but it takes a lot of time and effort to really pull it off. While it may still be a good idea to some people, paying the small monthly fee is more than worth it for others. Before you decide that you are going to manage your rental properties on your own, consider these main reasons why a management company may be a better fit. 


Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

  • Choose the Right Rental Amount. Even if you think you are setting the right rental amount for your property, the likelihood is slim. The right property management company can help you determine the right market value so your properties are competitive in the area and you are getting the most possible. 
  • Peace of Mind. Whenever your tenants have an issue, they will go directly to the property management company. This is a huge benefit because you do not know when these calls may come in. Even if there is an emergency at 2 in the morning, you will not be the one bothered by it so you can get a good night of sleep. 
  • Finding Great Tenants. Property management companies are set up to help you not only find tenants, but find good ones. They will do all of the vetting for you based on what they have found works. They will set minimum income requirements and ensure that applicants do not have any evictions on their record. While this is never guaranteed, there is a better chance that tenants will pay on time and treat the property like it is their own if they are properly vetted. 
  • Marketing Your Property. If you manage your own property, you have to worry about all of the marketing and advertising. Property management companies have experience in this area and they know what works and what doesn't. They can create better marketing strategies so your property is not vacant for very long and so you can attract the right tenants, which is always a plus. 


Property management companies are better for a variety of reasons. When you choose one, you can simply sit back and watch as the money comes in without having to worry about all of the other issues that come along with the business. For a small monthly fee, that is definitely more than worth it for many people.