At Gassen, we believe that one of the keys to a successful homeowner's association is having an accurate accounting system in place to help guide the HOA management.  There can be difficult and unanswered questions to cover when a new board takes office.  We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately manage accounting and help to keep each HOA accountable for their own earnings and decisions.  Below, is a testament from Robert, an HOA board President.  


"On behalf of the Association board, I want to thank you for conducting yesterday afternoon’s financial seminar. It was very helpful in re-orienting the board members to the ins and outs of association finance and to the new federal rules governing financial operations. The seminar also provided valuable opportunities for numerous and important areas of discussion. As president of the board, I appreciate Gassen Management’s initiative for taking the effort to make available these types of seminars. We will be a better board because of it. "


Our accounting experts are professional and accurate.  We want each HOA manager to be successful, and that means that he or she needs to have fast and accurate information about the community's financials.  Our accounting system will allow just that with an easy online portal for HOA residents to pay.  Furthermore, we always make it a point to keep a separate, local Minnesota bank for each HOA property we manage.  This means that your HOA will be accurate and accountable for only your own financial information.  


We believe that providing pieces of paper with numbers on it isn't enough.  That is why at Gassen, we are able to provide support both on paper and in person, as is detailed in Richard's testimonial.  We are excited to come in person to board meetings to discuss changes in federal law and how it may impact your community.  We know that not everyone is an accounting expert, so that's why we like to come in person to make things easy to understand and figure out a way to better help your homeowner's association together.


Besides just detailing the dollars and cents available in your banking account, at Gassen we are able to help navigate the tough decisions of what to do with the community's money.  There can be many difficult decisions with enhancements, repairs, and contractors that help to make your community beautiful and maintenance free.  We are able to provide assistance in making these decisions and are happy to weigh in on any homeowner's meeting you may conduct.