Real estate may be one of your largest investments. It makes sense then that you would want to hire a top notch property management company to manage those real estate investments. A good property manager protects your investments, while a bad property manager can actually wreak havoc on your investments and actually cause you to lose money. Here are some ways to recognize poor property management. 


The company exercises too much control.

Many people believe that old adage that your first impression is usually the correct impression. When you meet a property management representative, does that person give you an opportunity to express your wants, needs and concerns? Or do they dominate the conversation and simply spout how things operate with the company? A good working relationship between a home owner's association and a property management company allows the property owners to have a say in how the property is managed. 


The property shows a lack of repair and upkeep.

​It may sound obvious, but a poorly managed property will not be in good visible condition. Good management includes routine maintenance and most likely proper regular landscaping services. Without these two specific services, properties will become unkempt. To maintain (and/or increase) property values in a neighborhood, repairs cannot be neglected and landscapes must well maintained.


There are frequent disputes within the neighborhood.

Property management companies can serve to establish and nurture relationships within a home owner's association. Some of those involved in these relationships are the HOA'a board of directors, residents and vendors that contract with the HOA. When a dispute or conflict does come up, the property manager can serve as a mediator within the organization.


The property management company has former or pending legal Issues.

Before selecting a property management company, research the company to determine if the company has been sued on grounds of negligence. If they have, research further to determine "why" they were sued and what affects it has had. 


Obviously some property managers are stronger than others. To ensure a long relationship with a property management company that will benefit your property  in Minnesota, it's time to contact the professional staff at Gassen. The industry certified team members there are ready to assist you with all of your property management needs.