One of the best ways to keep an HOA thriving is to ensure that the community stays populated with happy residents that stick around. Attracting the kind of residents you want in your community requires providing them with the right kind of amenities to encourage them to pick your community out of all their other options.

Amenities: The cherry on top, these won’t sell a home, but they will make a community more enticing if the right home is already there. Consider what type of residents you want to encourage and build incentives for those folks. Some ideas to get you started include:

  • Child-Friendly: On-site daycare or sitters, play areas visible from the fitness center, and small parks or playgrounds.
  • Pet-Friendly: Dog walkers, groomers, on-site doggy daycare, and dog-friendly parks and play areas.
  • Eco-Friendly: Community gardens, recycling centers, solar panel installations, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Communication: Tenants prefer being able to communicate directly with their management team and receive rapid responses, typically within two hours. The best way to ensure potential residents can see solid communication is by utilizing social media, like Twitter and Facebook, to handle community announcements, discuss issues, answer questions, and care for the needs and concerns of the residents.

Resources: An online portal makes it easy for residents to order and check the status of repair tickets, review HOA documents, pay dues or other bills, and manage other business related to their property. In today’s tech savvy and mobile-friendly world, people like having access to their information and management resources on the fly.

Community Building: In addition to the amenities already listed, community building activities can make a neighborhood lively and connected. Utilize common spaces to host events that draw neighbors together like movie nights, workshops, cooking classes, cookouts, and club events. Advertise using social media. Future residents will see a connected community ready to welcome them in.

Stability: Long-term financial stability gives HOA dues-paying residents peace of mind. How do you obtain that? It’s often best to leave financial planning, management, and asset building to a professional HOA company. The Board of Directors is, after all, typically comprised of homeowners with their own jobs and families to attend to. Seeing that their HOA has the aid of a professional, reputable management company can build trust with potential residents.

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