Tenant satisfaction is a critical factor in a host of HOA management concerns. The following tips can help your HOA develop a solid community that is responsive to concerns and attractive to quality residents. 

Provide Amenities – Balancing the cost and benefits of resident amenities is challenging for any HOA, but they are critical to attracting the best residents and keeping them satisfied. Consider the needs of your community and what kind of residents you want, then provide incentives that appeal to ideal neighbors. Some examples include complimentary dog walking, on-site daycare, or a community garden. If your HOA has a community center, use it! Offer cooking classes, workshops, and other community-building activities. 

Eliminate Personality Conflicts – This can be particularly problematic for HOA’s since neighbors make up the board of directors. Occasional squabbles can arise. Utilizing a reputable, accessible, and customer service focused property management company can strip away any concerns of impropriety and ensure business concerns by residents remain strictly and unquestionably that.

Practice Effective Communication – Use two-way communication (when all parties have the opportunity to respond) whenever possible. According to the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) survey, property management communication is one of the most important factors in resident satisfaction, and residents are happiest if they hear back within two hours. The easiest way to accomplish this is to utilize social media, like Twitter and Facebook. This allows a rapid response, plus answers to common questions are visible to other tenants so less time is spent covering the same ground.

Utilize Online Property Management Services – Create an online portal where residents can file service requests, register complaints, pay bills and dues, review utility usage, and access resident documentation anywhere they like, 24/7. A solid property management company should offer this service while providing portal maintenance, ticket handling, and other associated tasks on behalf of the HOA.

Analyze Your Data - If you do use an online service, it creates a handy database regarding what kind of requests are being made, costs associated with service tickets, the time it takes to answer inquiries and resolve issues, and other information that can be used to spot and resolve particular issues that can create tenant dissatisfaction. Pay attention to it and use it to stay ahead of the game. 

Hiring an excellent HOA management company can resolve many tenant satisfaction concerns. Gassen offers decades of HOA management experience and offers expertise to help your community flourish. Contact Gassen today to discuss how they can ease your management burdens.