Most homeowners, especially new ones, have very high expectations of their volunteer HOA Board. As a result, they put undue pressure on the Board, instead of contacting their property manager. Here are some expectations that homeowners need to let go of.


All HOA and other property board members are volunteers. They are serving for free because they, like you, want a well-run property. That means they don’t have extensive amounts of time to resolve issues. That’s what your property management company (PMC) is for. Although they do have skills that match whatever they do/did for a living, they’re not any more perfect than anyone else living on the property.

To Have The CC&Rs Memorized

Some board meetings are taken over with arguments about what the CC&Rs say, versus what an HOA board can actually do. Although a good property management company will train your Board of Directors on the CC&Rs, that doesn’t mean your board members have them memorized. If there is conflict, always call your PMC representative. Better yet, pay a little extra (if required) to have the representative attend board meetings.

Financial Acumen

Financial arguments are some of the most common and virulent deterrents to attending board or community meetings. Yet unless a board member has a financial or accounting background, most don’t know much about how to manage a property’s finances. This is an area that needs to be turned over to a PMC, and another reason to invite a representative to attend meetings.

Selection of Good Vendors

This issue is touchy and oh, too common. Some board members select vendors from people they know. Some go for the cheapest ones. Some have one vendor who does everything (impossible expectation) and no backup vendors, so homeowners have to wait forever to have problems resolved. All of these create touchy situations.

Vendor selection and financial management are the two most important services to give over to a property management company like Gassen. Gassen has already chosen and vetted several vendors skilled in all kinds of construction and landscape management. As long as your board or onsite property manager reports problems to Gassen quickly, there shouldn’t be any delay in repairs being made. With this arrangement, your board can focus on helping to create the kind of community in which you really want to live.