When your Board of Directors searches for a new property management company, what do they look for? What are key indicators that a company will be right for your association? 


Each of the characteristics below shows excellence and potential HOA satisfaction with a property management in a different way. Each will play a different role in importance for you, as you do your research, depending on problems you’ve had with property managers in the past. Let’s look at what makes these indicators important.



From the President of Lewis Ridge Townhomes:

"Our Property Manager is honest, active, proactive, enthusiastic and always constructive in her approach. I could not imagine living in a townhouse association that did not have a professional management company like Gassen. "


These are the kinds of testimonials you want to see on a company’s website, proving that it delivers on its promises. Gassen has a ton of such testimonials, all authentic, showing excellence as a property manager and also in creating harmonious relationships with clients.


Quality/Length of Time Managing

The quality of a company’s work shows in the testimonials, in the length of time clients stay with us, and in how long we keep our employees. It also shows in the quality of the properties managed. When you are looking for a property management company, be sure to tour some of the properties they manage. Also ask questions of the company’s staff to find out how long they’ve been there and how they like their work.



This characteristic shows a company’s qualifications to manage, but not necessarily how they carry it out. Still, if it’s real estate peers respect a company enough to grant an award, it shows the company is worth looking into.


Matching Needs With Services

What are your property management needs? Hiring a property manager that shows excellence in every way, but doesn’t provide the services you need doesn’t make much sense, no matter how good they are. On the other hand, a company that is not so well qualified or respected, but does match all of your needs might be a better choice.


Be sure to ask, though, if something you need isn’t shown on the website, especially with Gassen Company. Gassen provides many unseen services unique to the properties we manage. We could be just right for you.