Homeowners associations -- also often known just as HOAs -- are in place to protect the quality of life for the residents of a particular property. By providing residents with the right tools and resources, both HOAs and homeowners can often work seamlessly together to create a better life for everyone involved while still keeping their community vibrant and welcoming. Here's why your HOA should bring their property management tools online. 

1. Easily and securely collect fees and payments

These days, people are busier than ever before -- and the residents of your property are no exception. Offering an online option for the payment of services and fees provides them with a method that they can use at their convenience -- whether that is during working hours or in the middle of the night. The security of online payment also means that the correct amount and account has been noted and that mistakes are less likely to occur. 

2. Provide a convenient method of resident communication

While a traditional paper trial is often important when it comes to items such as requests for repairs and concerns about neighbors, it is likely to be a one sided solution that involves only the HOA having a copy of the communication. In other cases, papers can easily become misplaced by either party, leading to delays in addressing the issue. Using an online communication system ensures that there is always a recoverable copy of the paperwork available. 

3.  Seamlessly share documentation

An online portal allows you to create a place where important documents are always stored and available. Original HOA documents could be housed there as well as any updated materials. Updates can be noted by eye catching icons that encourage residents to explore what is new within their HOA. Educating homeowners on the various rules and procedures that are in place provides a method of future reference that they can refer to again and again. 

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