Building a community throughout your neighborhood or apartment complex is always an important part of your HOA duties because it brings people together and helps establish trust between your residents. Not to mention how fun it is, too!

Special events, like a Super Bowl watch party, provide your community with a chance to mingle and enjoy something together. And the planning for an event like this shouldn’t be too difficult, whether your board members are organizing it or a subcommittee.

As a long-time property management company that has seen some epic HOA events, Gassen knows a few ways to create a memorable get-together.

Here are a few tips on how to make your watch party a success for all of your residents!

Send Open Invitations

No need to be formal for a watch party, so send invites in multiple ways. Hand deliver flyers to residents or leave them on their doors, send evites to their email addresses, message each resident on their community online portal, and post the event on your community’s online platform and social media pages.

Make the event easy-going by hosting it in a community room in the neighborhood (preferably with comfy seating), encouraging families to come, and allowing people to come and go as they please.

Decide On Food Options

If you have the budget for it or want to go that extra mile for your residents, provide some snacks and beverage options for the party. Finger foods, like chips and dip, veggie trays, cookies, and fruit bowls, are classic Super Bowl watch party favorites.

You could also opt for a potluck and let your residents bring their favorite snacks, desserts, drinks, and treats for everyone to enjoy. Post a potluck sign up sheet on your community’s online platform so people have an idea of what to bring or not. Then have your board supply the basics, like paper plates, cups, napkins, silverware, and any missing necessities.

Add Some Excitement

Whether your watch party is in a shared community space or you’ve rented a room off-site for your residents, make it special by adding some football themed decorations or decorating with team colors.

Make it lively by including some Super Bowl themed games for kids and families. Even having a cornhole or ring toss game going brings a little more fun to the event, especially for those not as interested in the big game but who still want to participate.

You could also keep a running tally of everyone’s favorite commercials, best plays of the game, bragging rights to the person who picks the winning team and score. Have some things planned, and then roll with what your residents are enjoying the most.

Remind Residents to Stay Safe

Regardless of whether you host a big community wide watch party or encourage your residents to plan their own individual ones, you still want all of your residents to be safe. Send out to your residents and post online reminders of the HOA’s rules and regulations.

While you don’t want to come across as a bummer, let your residents know that there are consequences to parking violations, excessive noise, disorderly conduct, unsupervised kids, etc. And offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

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