It feels like a true accomplishment when you can get the kids off to school and you to work on time, along with making sure everyone gets to piano lessons, soccer practice, tae kwon do tournaments, and play rehearsals! Just sitting down to eat dinner together can be a challenge with families’ hectic schedules.

During this busy season, it’s hard for all of your residents to keep track of HOA dues and when board meetings are happening, let alone who to call if something breaks on the community property. While everyone is balancing their family calendars, let the property management team at Gassen manage your HOA needs.

Online Services

Do you have residents who can’t make the next board meeting or forgot to pay their HOA dues or don’t remember who to contact for a service request? Let Gassen’s easily accessible online resources simplify your residents’ lives.

Pay Dues

Access a safe and secure online portal customized to your HOA where you can quickly see who has and hasn’t paid their dues and where you can send out reminders to your residents with just a click of a button.

Your residents can use this portal to make dues payments, too, so everyone can easily stay on top of their finances.

Share Announcements

Whenever your board schedules a meeting, plans a neighborhood event, or begins a maintenance project, you can be sure your residents are in the loop. With the downloadable app customized for your HOA, your families will never miss the news and important info happening in your community.

Send Service Requests

For timely assistance, encourage your residents to use your HOA’s online portal or app to let your property manager or the board members know about building maintenance issues, problems on the property, or other service related needs.

Store Contact Information

Keep contact information for all of your residents, so you can reach out to all of your community or individuals as you need to.

Also, provide convenient contact information of your board members, property managers, and maintenance providers for your residents to easily access.

Construction & Maintenance Services

Your residents chose your unique property or neighborhood because of the culture and amenities it provides them. Keep those special features beautiful and functioning perfectly for your residents by consistently maintaining and improving them.

Gassen’s construction & maintenance division can help you manage your upkeep and allow your families to enjoy the perks of their community.

Maintain Amenities

Whether your community has pools, fountains, indoor fitness centers, spas, tennis courts, landscaping, or hiking trails, your residents depend on you to keep them in tip top shape. They schedule their lives around their access to those amenities, so ensuring that those features are in working order is essential for board members.

Hire the right vendors who can regularly maintain all aspects of your property and community.

Improve Exteriors

When roofs or siding gets damaged or your community just wants a fresh, updated look to boost property values, keep it simple and minimally invasive for your residents.

Work with a company who understands your community’s needs and culture and tailors their services around what works best for your homeowners and residents. 

Add New Features

As your community grows or as you hear your families requesting new amenities, make the changes your residents want quickly and easily. Our HOA Capital division can help you secure the funding your HOA needs to add new features and build for your community.

Bring Exceptional to Your Neighborhood With Gassen

Making life easier for families in your communities has been the Gassen way since 1969. Schedule a consultation with our experts or call us at 952.922.5575, and see how we can simplify property management for you!