It’s the perfect year for making HOA and home improvements, but Gassen understands if you’re struggling to find the right design or replace old features with something more attractive.

From painting and remodeling your whole exterior to installing new lighting, let’s spark some ideas for you and create beautiful spaces you love being in!

Here’s a list from our property management team of the exterior trends we’re seeing this year.

Paint With Neutral Colors

The neutral palette is in! Exterior designs for 2022 are all about soft hues that blend elegantly with your natural landscapes.

Choose neutral colors with some complexity, and watch your exteriors subtly reveal beautiful underlying tones as the lighting level changes.  

Add drama and sophistication to your exteriors with darker, richer tones, like navy, charcoal, black, and dark earth tones.

Balance these dark shades with lighter gray, tan, and ivory, but be sure to stay in the same color family when selecting accent colors for your trim and roofing.

Add Texture With Mixed Materials

To bump up your exterior’s aesthetic interest and character, incorporate several different natural materials on your home or building, either as siding or accessories. Pair stone pillars in doorways with a modern polished wood door for an inviting look, or invest in concrete siding or durable cement panels to create visual texture.

Using real wood with natural stains has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s an effective way to add color and dimension to porches or decks, and it stands out as doors, window boxes, or even as panels on a building next to neutral siding.

Metal is also a favorite new texture to work with as people are discovering how durable and long-lasting it is. Metal roofing is a striking new look growing in popularity, but if a metal roof isn’t quite your style, opt for metal gutter systems paired with bronze or copper exterior details.

Transition From Indoor to Outdoor Living

With people’s renewed interest in enjoying nature and wanting to entertain outdoors, it makes sense to design for a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Create decks, patios, pergolas, and pavilions that encourage an embrace of the outdoors while providing all the comforts of your favorite rooms.

Build new spaces with retractable walls and include shaded awnings as you mingle the inside and out. Design your outdoor space with similar furniture and color palettes from indoors, and consider incorporating outdoor kitchens, firepits, and heating accessories to invite family, friends, and neighbors to stay longer.

Invite Warmth With Welcoming Exterior Lighting

If a full redesign is out of the question this year, replacing your outdoor lighting fixtures with attractive metal designs is a great way to update your home. Include path lights or freestanding lighting along your walkways.

You can also string lights or lanterns around your patios to bring a welcoming ambiance to your home.

Design for the Passive Home

With each passing year, homeowners and builders alike are seeing the benefits of creating more eco-friendly spaces that either use less energy or recycle internal energy. Build with sustainability in mind for renovations that add beauty and provide a high return on investment.

Add solar panels to your roof and incorporate more natural light by installing skylights and floor-to-ceiling energy-efficient windows. Insulating your walls and storing the heat generated by your appliances also reduces your energy bills.

Experts suggest that the passive home won’t be just a trend, but a new way of building throughout Minnesota as the perks of building with energy efficiency keep getting better.

Incorporate EV Charging Stations

Along with designing your buildings with sustainability in mind, push that trend by including EV charging stations. Either stand alone in parking areas or attached to multifamily building garages, the ability to charge electric vehicles is becoming a must for property owners.

Bloomberg and other news outlets are projecting that more than 50% of passenger cars sold by 2030 in the US will be electric. So providing your residents with an easy means of charging their vehicles will be not just a luxury but a practical amenity.

Start Your Exterior Renovation Project With Gassen

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