With summer in full swing, being outdoors is a refreshing escape from normal, everyday life. And it’s even more relaxing when you’re experiencing a beautiful landscape.

Make that lush summer garden a priority this year. Gassen’s HOA property management services have the scoop on the landscaping trends for 2022 and can help you spruce up your outdoor spaces in no time!

Plant Native Greens & Support Wildlife

Planting with Minnesota’s natural habitat in mind has become very popular in recent years. From pollinator gardens designed for local butterfly populations to flower beds inspired by native plants, bringing back our state’s natural environment is one of the best ways to beautify your HOA grounds and give back to wildlife.

Along with the birds, insects, and small critters, home and property owners are also finding out how beneficial it is to plant local species. Minnesota plants are hardy and handle extreme weather well. Once planted, the maintenance and upkeep are minimal, allowing you more time to enjoy your garden.

Check out the MN Department of Natural Resources website for more tips on starting a Minnesota plant garden. 

Be a Birder in Your Own Backyard

Minnesotans have often been ahead of the trend when it comes to birding. Along with planting native plants, landscapes with specific features for local birds have been increasing across the state.

Since 2020, the Audubon Society has seen significant increases in sales of birdseed, bird feeders, bird baths, and even shrubs and trees that offer shelter and food for our winged friends. As a free way to disconnect from your busy life and engage in nature, birdwatching is an easy choice, as is creating a bird-friendly garden.

Create an Outdoor Haven Inspired by the Indoors

Bringing the indoors out to enjoy birdwatching fully and admire your landscape is also on the rise. From building decks and patios to outdoor kitchens and firepits, people are renovating their outdoor spaces to transition into nature.

To extend the summer season, incorporating heating accessories into outdoor living designs is another popular way to bring comfort to the community and make your landscape a more usable space deeper into the fall and winter.

Add a Pool . . . Finally

Don’t stall anymore when it comes to installing a swimming pool for your home or community. With people craving to be outside as much as possible, a personal or neighborhood pool is one of the most popular ways to fulfill this need.

In fact, pool contractors across the country are busy renovating outdoor greens for staycation oases this year and are even booked into next year. Get your building request in now if you want to include a pool in your landscape redesign!

Color With Very Peri Purples & Clover Greens

While purple flowering plants have always been a favorite for gardeners, Very Peri purple is also the Pantone color of the year. The vibrant tone is a comforting accent to outdoor spaces, whether as flowers or accessories that liven up patio furniture.

Clover greens are another trendy summer color as a natural transition into garden landscapes. As a less jarring color, the greens blend well with any design.

Make Gassen Your Property & Landscape Management Service

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