If you are looking to hire a property management or HOA management company, you may be scouring the Internet to get reviews and find out what others think about a company. So, I wanted to take the time to share with you a little about the company I use and highly recommend.

I live in the greater Eden Prairie, MN area and use Gassen for all of my property management needs. I own five rental properties, and quickly found that renting them out and maintaining them was more than I could do on my own. After researching and talking to a variety of companies, I went with Gassen and boy am I glad I did.

Over the past few years, Gassen has done everything for me quickly and professionally. They have found qualified tenants quickly for my rentals to ensure I am constantly bringing in rental money. They have handled repairs in the middle of the night, ensuring I can continue to sleep. And they have a checklist of maintenance needs, helping to head off any potential emergenices. They keep my houses looking great, well-maintained and ensure they are filled with qualified tenants.

In addition to the standard things that you would expect from a property management company, they also help me with my accounting. When tax season hits, I am glad that I have a full accounting of how much rent and profit I have receivied for each property, what amount has been spent repairing and maintaining each property, and how much money has been specifically spent on property management services. Keeping up with the accounting was something I never even considered when I was handling it myself, and this cost me at tax time. So I am glad that I have a company that handles all of this on my behalf.

The last reason I would highly recommend Gassen is because they always go above and beyond. Great customer service is so rare these days. But anytime I have had a question or needed a document, they have gotten back to me quickly and respond in a friendly, courteous manner. I appreciate knowing that I am working with a company who I can depend on.

If you need a property or HOA management company in Eden Prairie, MN, let Gassen help you. Visit their website at / to learn more about their company and find a list of services they provide.