Physical health, mental health, and emotional health all go hand-in-hand with resident happiness—and what better way to ensure all of those than with your HOA’s very own private fitness center? Providing residents with a convenient and positive space to meet their fitness goals can drastically improve their opinions regarding your neighborhood. And resident happiness is one of HOA management’s two primary goals, as we cover in our local property management blog!

As with everything in an HOA, though, proper rules and regulations are needed to make sure everyone can enjoy this space. Below, Gassen, your Eden Prairie providers of online property management and more, has a few ideas on how to make your fitness center your HOA’s favorite amenity.

Decide Who Gets Access—And How

Access—it’s always a hot topic in HOAs, just as we talked about in our HOA management blog on guests. Fitness centers are no exception to this, and for good reason. Making smart choices on who can access the facilities and how they do so makes sure that everyone stays safe, and that the only people who use the machines are those who helped to pay for them via dues.

Key codes are a popular access-management method, though if the code gets leaked somehow it can take a bit to get everyone back on the same page. Keys and cards are also in vogue, though you’ll need to figure out what would happen if a resident were to lose theirs and want to access the facility.

What Will Media and Audio Access Look Like?

Plenty of people like to listen to podcasts or watch television while they exercise, but since the fitness center is a shared space, this will need to be regulated. Public TVs can use subtitles, for instance, so that those trying to tune into their workouts aren’t distracted. It’s also a good idea to require headphones or earbuds if a resident wants music to make their workout go by a bit faster. Not everyone has the same taste in tunes!

Keep Equipment Clean

Working up a good sweat while exercising is a good thing—but getting that sweat on the machinery? Not so much. It’s common practice for HOA management and property management services to ask residents to wipe down exercise equipment with antimicrobial wipes after use; don’t forget, though, that board-provided maintenance services will also probably be required.

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