No matter if you’re new to HOA management or you’ve been on the board for years, chances are you’ve been met with the opportunity for board member training. Perhaps you’ve brushed it off until now; after all, the internet is full of HOA information—our blog is only a testament to that—and as long as you read your HOA’s documentation, you should be good to go, right?

Not quite! While those are both good places to begin your education as a board member, official training is always a great idea too. Below, Gassen, your Eden Prairie providers of property management services, explains why.

Some Questions Are Just too Specific

We’ve all been there, even outside of an HOA context—when a search engine doesn’t pull up the answer to a given question and we’re left staring at the sea of results pages in frustration.

This can commonly happen with HOAs and board members, as though there are commonalities, every neighborhood is an individual, with individual needs and regulations. It’s just a simple fact that an HOA expert can provide better answers to some questions—and provide better education—in person than the internet can. When you’re able to seek guidance and ask questions about the presented material in real-time, you’re able to acquire situation-specific knowledge that will serve you well both now and in your future role as a board member.

You Don’t Know What you Don’t Know

Again, a common issue even outside of HOAs: you run into some concept you had no idea existed in the first place; would you have known about it, you certainly would have done your research and proceeded accordingly, but now you’re left high and dry.

Don’t leave your community like this! There’s always something new to learn when it comes to HOA management; the mark of a great board member is that they never stop learning, and they always remember that there is always more to know. Training is a great way to illuminate any previously unknown areas you need work in.

Make Connections

There are plenty of tips that HOA management learns from experience, and since the field is constantly changing, you need connections to help you stay on top of your game. While various organizations, such as the CIC Midwest, can provide you with some networking opportunities online and in person, training can serve just as well as a handy entrance to the wide world of HOA professionals and connections. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

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