Treasurers, presidents, vendors—there are so many roles to learn about when you move into an HOA, so it might frustrate you to learn there’s another: the architectural committee! Rest assured, though, that this committee’s purpose is not only an easy one to grasp. It also plays a huge role in the high standards of living HOAs are known for.

Read on to learn the ins and outs of this important committee, courtesy of Gassen, your favorite Eden Prairie providers of property management services.

HOA Architectural Committees Defined

The Architectural committee goes by many names; it’s known sometimes as an Architectural Control Committee (ACC) or an Architectural Review Committee (ARC), but there are plenty of other titles, as per the Adams Stirling Professional Law Corporation, which deals in HOA law.

Regardless, this is a group within an HOA that, essentially, manages the aesthetic standards the community needs to abide by. They help enforce what community members can and can’t do with their homes—but their authority is limited by the HOA’s preexisting rules and regulations as well as federal and state laws.

Not all HOAs have these organizations; in some cases, the board may pull double-duty and take care of these responsibilities, in which case you’d work through making exterior changes with them.

What Does the Architectural Committee Mean for me?

How much power it has and to what extent the architectural committee can influence a resident’s decisions varies between HOAs. Generally speaking, it means that you’ll need to file an application with the committee to make any exterior change with your home.

While this may seem constraining at first glance, it really has good reason. Uniform exterior standards ensure that property values remain high across the neighborhood. These regulations protect your largest investment—and those of your neighbors, too.

How Do I File an Application With my Architectural Committee?

This will, again, vary between HOAs. Typically, you’ll begin by submitting a variety of information to your ACC, which includes a detailed project description, the required permits, your contractor’s info, and more. After the ACC reviews this application, they pass along their opinion to the board, which then gives the final verdict. This process should be completed in a timely manner, as frequently denoted in the bylaws. Usually, it’s roughly a month, though again, this varies.

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