Any plant that grows in Minnesota has to be made of some seriously tough stuff. From late April snows to scorching summers, our state’s climate isn’t for things that tend to wilt quickly! And neither is your HOA—as we covered in our HOA management blog, resident satisfaction should be a high priority in your neighborhood, and it’s a bit hard to make a content community if your “greenery” looks all yellow instead.

Looking to bring your landscaping A-game this year? Gassen, your Eden Prairie providers of property management services, is here to help. Below you’ll find a few of our top picks for trees, flowers, and shrubs that can brighten up nearly any neighborhood.

Northern Catalpa Tree

The University of Minnesota Extension recommends this one for Minnesota landscapes, and for good reason. It describes the Northern Catalpa as the “best performing urban tree from Arbor Day planting records dating back to 1995.” In other words: metropolitan HOAs, take note!

The Arbor Day Foundation says that this tree can tolerate a variety of moisture levels, which, in our opinion, makes the Northern Catalpa a great fit for our sometimes moody Midwestern climate. Thanks to its flashy and fragrant flowers, it’s also a great fit for HOAs that want to attract pollinators to their neighborhoods, like bees and hummingbirds. Just be careful to avoid tripping hazards; these trees’ flower petals can be slick when they first fall.

Redosier Dogwood Shrub

Also known as the red twig dogwood, this bright and bold shrub surely lives up to its name—its bark is a flaming scarlet in the wintertime, giving otherwise dreary landscapes a hearty splash of color. It’s a colorful bonanza in other seasons, too; The Morton Arboretum states that this species develops off-white flowers in “late May to Early June” and “bluish-white fruit” in the later summer months.

While it’s somewhat contested from where exactly in the Midwest this plant originated, the very fact that it’s a regional native makes it a smart pick for a variety of HOAs.

Common Milkweed

Want to attract Monarch Butterflies to your HOA? Common Milkweed is a near surefire way to lure them in, as it’s the biggest part of the caterpillar’s diet. According to the U.S. Forest Service, it’s a somewhat “weedy” plant, meaning you’ll have no problems growing it—if you can contain its voracious desire to spread! Luckily, it smells wonderful, and its flowers are quite pleasing to look at.

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