It’s all too common to see puddles upon puddles of rainwater standing around this time of year, but when it comes to the health of your lawns and sidewalks, that doesn’t mean it’s harmless! Indeed, as any exterior renovation pro will tell you,standing water can lead to a number of issues, including premature concrete decay, brown patches in your lawns, and soil erosion—which makes maintaining landscaping in the long run nearly impossible.

If your HOA is literally semi-underwater, Gassen is here to help. Below, you’ll discover a few ways to let your neighborhood drain so that the fresh greenery of spring can take root.

Care for Your Gutter Systems

Roofing is an important maintenance task if you’re looking to keep home and amenity interiors dry, sure. But don’t forget about your gutters—they do the same thing for the yards!

Gutters that haven’t been cleaned, or that suffer from breakages or cracks, are liable to shed water straight downwards. This leads to unattractive puddling right where quite a bit of landscaping tends to crop up. Not only does this look bad, waterlogged soil can cause a fatal plant affliction called root rot, according to The Spruce.

Preventative maintenance from your contractor of choice combined with (at minimum) twice yearly cleanings are the best ways to make sure your gutters continue to keep your neighborhood dry.

Keep Up With Detention Basin Maintenance

If your HOA is blessed with a holding pond or detention basin where stormwater is directed, you’re completely not off the hook for meltwater management! These structures need regular care to do the massive job they’re designed for. According to Pima County Flood Control, anything from accumulated sediment to basin floors that have excessively lowered can make these structures somewhat ineffectual, so make sure your vendor keeps up with their work.

Consider Tackling Drainage Before the Bugs

Another problem can come with puddling—and this one flies! As the weather warms, mosquitos love to take up residence in stagnant, long-standing pools of water. While there are ways to deal with a buggy HOA—and we’ve covered them in our property management services blog—you’ll most likely have much less of an issue once you get your drainage situation under control. Neighborhoods with poor drainage and bug paradise are essentially the same thing.

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