All HOA neighborhoods are individuals, and so are all providers of property management services. Matching one to the other is critical to community harmony and the board’s reputation in the long term. After all, if your hired HOA management is constantly making decisions that disappoint or upset the community, that reflects poorly on both that management company and the board, as the latter is supposed to serve as the voice of the community as a whole!

But with so many moving parts involved in running an HOA, how can you tell if your property management services are a good fit for your neighborhood? Gassen, Eden Prairie local property management providers, has a few indications below.

Licenses and Reputation Check Out

HGTV recommends that, when looking for a property manager, you “check the state’s Real Estate Commission and the Better Business Bureau to make sure your prospective property manager is licensed and has no complaints against them.”

Licensing is important in this industry; it’s a sign that your property management company is set on dotting their Is and crossing their Ts, so to speak, and a sign that they’re likely to do similarly when it comes to other aspects of management. An unlicensed pro isn't a good fit for any neighborhood, as who knows what other shady stuff they could get up to?

Keep in mind, though, that licensing requirements change by state, and they can get complicated. Check out All Property Management’s article for an intro to Minnesota’s.

Communication Is Consistent

We’ve talked previously on our online property management blog about communication and HOAs, and it’s also important when it comes to property management. From collecting dues to handling neighborhood problems, your hired help does a lot, and they should be on top of things when it comes to keeping you informed. Just because you’re working with them doesn’t mean you lose your stake in or connection to the neighborhood!

You and Your Community Feel Genuinely Cared For

It’s an all-too-common thing in this field for property managers to overload themselves with projects—and thus it’s all too common for quality, person-first management to fall by the wayside. We at Gassen know that the only way to help communities thrive is to give them the right kind of personalized service they need to grow. If your property management company doesn’t seem to do this, it’s time to find a new one.

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