Is your HOA management board up to its neck in terms of to-dos? Are residents complaining of poor responsiveness and a lack of communication between HOA officials? Are your finances objectively flagging? All of these situations and more can benefit from the help of property management services like Gassen.

While almost every HOA can use the help of such services, there are a few circumstances in which they can practically save the community from dissolving. Below, we’ll discuss those circumstances, as well as detail if they describe your HOA. A few can be harder to pick up on than you might think!

Your Board Members Are Experiencing Burnout

Every HOA board will have busy periods, but burnout can quickly follow if those busy periods don’t end, or they start to intrude on personal or family time. Just like in your standard nine-to-five job, this feeling can best be described as “a state of emotional, mental, and often physical exhaustion brought on by prolonged or repeated stress,” according to Psychology Today.

If the board’s responsibilities have become so extensive that members are beginning to get cynical or dread their duties—common signs of burnout—it’s high time you got property management services on the scene so that your board members can regain their passion for their positions. The welfare of your community depends on it.

Your Finances Are a Mess

Previously on our accounting property management blog, we detailed how to keep on top of the ever-shifting beast that is HOA finances, but this can be easier said than done, as crunching all of those numbers requires a ton of time and dedication, not to mention area-specific expertise. As we describe in our aforementioned article, there’s no shame in asking for help if you’re in a financial bind. It’s much more affordable—and much less stressful—than getting into legal trouble, after all.

You Can’t Keep Up With Resident Needs

Residents need engagement from the board in terms of communication, conflict resolution, and processing their architectural requests. It’s reasonable that doing these things might take a bit of time on the board’s end. Still, suppose your residents are dissatisfied with your performance and are expressing as such. In that case, you need property management services to break up the bottleneck of to-dos and restore resident satisfaction.

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