If you’re like any forward-thinking HOA, you’ve invested in online property management technology—most notably, a website—for the purpose of making your residents’ lives better and your board’s jobs easier. On top of that, a good website can also help your neighborhood draw in new residents!

That being said, a garish, hard-to-navigate website can be a pain in the neck of everyone who interacts with it; we’ve all had those experiences! When it comes to your HOA management, though, this simply cannot stand, as the benefits of a good website are too great to pass up.

Below, Gassen, Eden Prairie property management pros, has a few tips on building an amazing HOA website.

Feature a Strategic Color Scheme

Color plays a huge role in how users understand the information presented and how they feel while navigating your page. In fact, according to Blogging Cage, “color serves as the most potent psychological tool for gaining the audience’s attention,” which means that it’s also great to play with if you’re looking to direct a viewer’s attention somewhere—say, to navigational tools or contact information.

Of course, though, “strategic” can be subjective! WebsiteSetup lists some schemes that were trending in 2021 here. It’s important, though, that you pick something that isn’t just a passing fancy but will work for your HOA’s brand in the long term, as consistency is critical to building a reputation.

Be Succinct

Of course, this, too, is subjective. We’re mostly referring to the idea here that nobody wants to sit down and read an essay just to understand what your HOA is all about. Boil your essentials down to a few paragraphs at most and organize them so that the eye can easily categorize information and grasp main ideas. Our About page is a great example of this theory in practice.

Be Navigable

UX—short for User Experience—is the study of how a user interacts with any given product, which includes websites. A big part of a great website experience is making sure any information that a visitor needs is easily located, and any potential actions or requests are simple to submit. Otherwise, using the site just becomes a major headache!

For example, under our “For Homeowners” page and across the rest of our site, you’ll find everything a homeowner could potentially want to do as it pertains to our local property management services listed in a convenient bar right across the top. Even if they’ve never visited our website before, a homeowner can easily get what they need, as the proper path of action is impossible to miss.

Gassen: One Property Management Company, Comprehensive Care

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