HOAs, when done well, have a reputation for being harmonious, happy places to live and grow. But no place is a utopia, and even the most well-run neighborhoods are bound to run into issues now and again, as no amount of rules and regulations can make life absolutely predictable. Familiarizing yourself with common complaints, neighborhood issues, and solutions will vastly simplify your life as an HOA board member.

As local property management providers, Gassen has seen it all since we opened our doors in 1969. Below, we’ll touch on just a few of the most typical issues each board is more than likely to face.

Communication Dilemmas

Maybe a resident complains that they weren’t informed of an upcoming event. Perhaps nobody showed up to that event because nobody got the memo. Regardless, such communication issues are par for the course when managing the large number of people living in a typical HOA, though there’s plenty you can do to manage them.

Identifying where the communication pathway fell through is a great way to prevent future issues. For instance, was it poor phrasing in an HOA newsletter or personal communication? Polish your writing skills for next time, then.

Regardless of their source, though, online property management services can make communication problems a thing of the past. Check out our HOA management blog, “Three Useful Online Property Management Services Applications,” for more.

Financial issues

Budgeting for your household is complicated enough on its own; try adding your HOA’s accounting property management on top of that! Whether it’s a resident that’s failing consistently to pay dues on time or unexpected expenses, money can become a problem at any moment for even the most well-managed HOAs. That’s why it’s crucial to have professional accounting property management services around to manage the community’s funds: you don’t need that kind of stress in your life.

Lackluster Member Engagement

Thanks to the pandemic, apathy has become even more common, but there are plenty of ways to drum up resident enthusiasm. Making your meetings more accessible by providing a virtual option and conscientious scheduling, for example, can both help. Community morale also plays a role in how much your neighborhood shows up for itself; if you’ve noticed resentment or indifference, community events and closer listening can both be solutions.

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