Your HOA’s documents might seem like static things—the things that your board can always rely on for answers. While they certainly are powerful both legally and administratively, though, your neighborhood is constantly changing and shifting, so these documents should do so likewise in time. After all, with new demographics and neighborhood needs, it’s only natural to make a few new rules and do away with a few old ones.

But as an HOA management team, how do you know when it’s time to undertake this process? Gassen, Eden Prairie local property management pros, is here to help. Below, you’ll discover a few signs that it may be time to revise your HOA’s CC&Rs, bylaws, and other important documents.

How Long Has it Been Since Documents Have Been Reviewed?

There aren’t any hard-and-fast rules for rules as far as timelines are concerned; very few of them will “expire” aside from causes such as irrelevancy. That being said, we recommend giving your documents a thorough read-through every four years or so at a minimum—the more frequently you do so, the better.

This is for a few reasons. While it has the side benefit of familiarizing yourself with the rules—and thus making you a more competent HOA board member—it also allows you to see personally if given rules have aged out of relevancy.

Pay Attention to Trends

Kevin Davis Insurance Services, an HOA insurance provider, brings up the importance of staying on top of common community trends when mentioning how various HOAs are dealing with drone usage. While every HOA has individual needs, your board should keep up with what’s going on in your area’s managed communities so you can make revisions and rules preventatively and avoid trouble—while following the proper procedure outlined in your documents, of course.

What to Give the Boot to Immediately

We touched on how to assess the quality of a rule in a local property management blog post on the subject. Still, certain themes should be unambiguously avoided in your documents—they don’t even warrant consideration.

Anything that discriminates or clashes with state or local laws, for example, should immediately be discarded, as revising these rules is unlikely to bring them to a place wherein they’re both fair and legal.

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