With luck, your HOA is neatly tucked away from busy city streets—but even if it isn’t or you’re otherwise in an urban environment, you’ll still need to regulate the drivers that use your HOA’s roads. It’s critical not only for the safety of your residents and drivers, but also for the longevity of your roads.

Like any regulation, though, there’s a lot to think about before enforcing speed limits in your community, and Gassen, Eden Prairie provider of property management services, is here to help. While we can’t give you a specific numeric range for your speed limits without understanding your neighborhood’s full circumstances, we’ll dive into some considerations that should be taken before making anything official.

Signs Are Your Friends

As we covered in our HOA management blog, “Why It’s Important to Enforce the Rules in Your HOA Community,” regulations need to be enforced for the betterment of the neighborhood. Speed limits are no exception. That being said, it’s impossible to implement speed limits if your residents and guests don’t know what those limits are! Signage is a critical part of both reminding drivers of the presence of a speed limit and encouraging them to drive cautiously.

In addition to signs denoting the specific limit, other road security signage—like “children at play,” for example—can also foster safe driving habits.

Consider Speed Bumps

Like those used in some parking lots, speed bumps, along with the appropriate sign denoting their presence, can encourage drivers to take it slow—and jerk them to their senses if they don’t! Just make sure that you look into local ordinances and laws before laying anything down. HOAs aren’t immune to outside regulations, and you don’t want to get yourself in legal hot water simply for trying to keep your community safe.

Consult an attorney if you have questions, or check out the Homeowners Protection Bureau for a look at a few oft-cited, broader laws and additional legal resources.

Stick With What You Already Have in Place

Just like with any HOA rule, your enforcement of speed limits must not go against anything that’s been pre-written in your governing regulations and documents. Sometimes, for example, a law might prevent you from putting a sign up in a common area. There are ways to switch up how things are operated, as covered in “How to Change Your HOA’s Rules,” and failure to do so when needed can result in a drastic loss of reputation for the board.

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