Having friends and family over is a great joy for residents of many HOA communities—plus, it’s a great way to show off the neighborhood property management has worked so hard to create! At the very least, then, the HOA management board shouldn’t outright ban all guests from visiting a community, as enforced isolation is a highway to a horrible reputation. Plus, it’s just downright unethical.

That being said, your HOA has a valid reason to want security in some senses to protect its neighborhood property values and resident welfare, especially if you live in an urban area. Below, Gassen, Eden Prairie providers of property management services, discusses how to do that security right.

To Gate or Not to Gate?

Gated communities require permission in the form of an access code or similar technology to enter. They’re often fenced in and gated as well. Such physical barriers can offer exceptional, worry-free security. If a resident doesn’t give someone access permissions, they most likely will not find a way into the community. It’s as simple as that!

However, becoming a gated community isn’t suitable for every HOA. Some residents might feel caged-in by the presence of a large fence, for example. Plus, if the property management isn’t up for maintaining that fence, it can quickly turn into an eyesore. Check out our local property management blog, “Fences and HOAs: Three Things to Consider for a Happy Neighborhood,” for more info on that.

It’s Not All About Preventing Crime

Though that sure is an integral part of investing in HOA security. In addition to reducing crime rates, HOAs have to grapple with the trend of renting out one’s own space to travelers. While said travelers may be perfectly law-abiding otherwise, they don’t have a vested interest in your community, and they won’t always understand the rules.

There’s no concrete answer for how best to manage these folks, but a provider of property management services can help give advice that suits your community. Cooperator News, an HOA resource and news site, also has published an informative article on the subject.

Get Specific About it

Security concerns are no place to be wishy-washy. Specific numbers are critical if you’ve yet to implement an HOA guest policy; otherwise, it can be tricky to enforce them. The same goes for the language used in such policies. Even delineating what a “tenant” is versus a “guest” can require clarification.

Gassen: Here to Help Manage Your Bustling HOA Community

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