One of the best things about community life is how lovely and atmospheric HOA neighborhoods can be. With wonderfully high property values and well-kept hedges, a little dusting of winter snow only completes the pretty picture! Sometimes, though, winter weather gets cold, sad, and slushy—and sometimes it’s hard to keep common areas and landscaping looking their best. When you’re just focused on keeping the roads clear, after all, it’s a bit hard to prioritize the shrubbery!

But these goals don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Gassen, Eden Prairie local property management pros, is here with a few simple ways to make things look great in your HOA, even when the cold weather outside is anything but.

Holiday Lights Always Work Wonders

If your HOA has the budget for it, lights strung up in the public areas—think partitions and parks—add the perfect amount of sparkle to any style of neighborhood. No space is too ritzy for a little holiday cheer! Even a small amount of string lights near the entrance sign can show residents that you care about their neighborhood, no matter the weather.

For this to pay off, of course, you’ll need to make sure you can do it safely without blowing a circuit somewhere. You’ll also need to mind the weather and keep an eye out for storms. While most light fixtures, when properly affixed, can handle quite a bit of turmoil, larger structures or blow-up figures may be another story.

Consider Hardscaping

Better Homes and Gardens recommends, when it comes to gardening, that you shift your focus in the wintertime towards “hardscaping”—using ornaments, such as trellises, rocks, or sculptures to create visual interests. This tip indeed can apply to HOA gardens too. Hardscape objects don’t need as much tending as plants do, and they can generally be installed in a variety of timeframes. Care for your existing fixtures and consider investing in a few new ones to create a wow-worthy winter landscape.

Roll With the Season

If you find yourself feeling bad that your HOA is looking a little blah this time of year, try to remember that this is Minnesota, and winters here aren’t always pretty. Focus on making the most out of the resources and money you have available to help your neighborhood shine. Accounting property management can help you make a tighter budget and find spots where you can save a bit, so you can afford to put the money into existing infrastructure.

Gassen: For Prosperous, Beautiful HOAs

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