With the New Year having come and passed, it’s natural for the HOA management team in your community to continue looking towards the future—towards neighborhood expansion and increased resident satisfaction because of it. And what better way to accomplish both goals than with new amenities? You’ll draw new residents in with new perks while showing appreciation and consideration for the old.

Gassen, your Eden Prairie providers of property management services, is here to help see your HOA towards new horizons. Below, we’ll touch on a few of what we predict will be the most in-demand amenities for 2022.

Online Property Management Services

Amenities don’t need to be physical—they’re essentially any perk that makes living in your HOA more efficient and/or fun. Online property management services excel in the former category.

Investing in them in 2022, if you haven’t already, will thoroughly bring your neighborhood into the modern age in terms of convenience. Whether it’s paying dues, communicating with board members, or keeping up-to-date with neighborhood happenings, your residents will appreciate the ease that such an upgrade will bring to their lives. Plus, it makes administrative tasks easier for the board, too!

Public Wi-Fi

Working from home is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that your residents want to stay cooped up all the time. Providing community Wi-Fi in the clubhouse can be an awesome asset to resident well-being. Plus, a space with Wi-Fi tends to serve as a community congregation point, which can foster bonds.

Curious if Wi-Fi is right for your community? Check out our blog on the subject: “What to Consider Before Offering Community Wi-Fi.”

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

HOA Leader says that an increasing number of communities and homeowners alike are adding these stations to their neighborhoods. Given that environmental sustainability is an ever-growing concern, we expect to see this trend hold strong far through 2022 and beyond.

Like any trend, though, it’s not one to be blindly followed; check out our blog “Should Your HOA Install an Electric Car Charger?” to see if it’s right for your neighborhood. You’ll need to square away some logistical concerns—like how residents are to pay for their fuel—before even phoning a contractor for an estimate.

Gassen: Here for Your Community in 2022 and Beyond

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