Resident satisfaction is one of every HOA management team’s primary goals, but it can be a difficult one to quantify. While other measures of success, like property values, can be objectively recorded, it’s a little harder to judge how your residents are feeling about your work and assign a value to it. Nonetheless, making a happy community is, of course, important—so how does your board know it’s doing a good job?

Gassen, your Eden Prairie providers of property management services, is here to help. Below, we’ll discuss a few helpful methods to use to gauge how your neighborhood feels about the board.

How Is Board Turnover?

During election season, it's normal for some board members to leave their posts and others to take their place. That’s what elections are for, after all! However, if the board has seen unusually high turnover in the recent years solely thanks to elections (and not, say, member resignation), that can be a sign that the board isn’t functioning as it should—and your community is trying to make a change to ensure its own happiness.

Of course, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule. Shifting demographics can also cause board demographics to shift alongside them. If many new members have moved into the neighborhood, for instance, it’s natural for board dynamics to change.

How Is Meeting Attendance?

Is your neighborhood engaged and enthusiastic when it comes to board meetings, or are you struggling to pull a crowd? While there could be plenty of reasons that your meeting isn’t quite the talk of the neighborhood—bad timing or dry presentations, for example—one of which is indeed a disenchanted and disengaged community. If the board isn’t tuning into those whom it governs, it can’t expect the opposite to be true.

As with board turnover, you must assess a variety of factors before pinning an unhappy community down as the cause of poor meeting attendance. Simply asking around via online property management services or otherwise can do the trick.

How Are Due Deadlines?

If your community always pays their dues on time, you can rest easy knowing that they probably are pretty happy living in your neighborhood. Why else, barring fines, would they prioritize the HOA monetarily? On the other hand, if getting due payments is like a dental extraction, you know that your neighborhood probably isn’t at the highest morale.

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