We’re in the thick of January, so it might seem a bit weird to think about springtime—but any property management services provider will tell you that, when it comes to HOAs, it’s never too early to plan. This is especially true in Minnesota, where all the lovely snow will soon become some not-so-lovely puddles! While this is unavoidable to an extent—your HOA can’t control the weather—if snow isn’t managed correctly as it melts, your neighborhood could see the degradation of its landscaping, ugly stagnant pools, and some pretty unhappy residents.

At Gassen, as Minnesotan HOA management pros, we’ve dealt with winter in our communities more times than we can count. We’re here to pass on our knowledge below with these quick tips on managing spring meltwater.

Mind Your De-Icers

In the early spring months, temperatures here are well-known to oscillate from above freezing to below and back again. The result? Ice everywhere! While you absolutely want to make sure your homeowners stay upright—we covered why and how in “How to Keep Your Community Members Safe From Falling on the Ice”—you also need to be judicious when it comes to applying de-icers to slick patches, as they can seriously damage your landscaping.

Indeed, according to the University of Minnesota, “de-icing salt harms and ultimately may kill plants.” This isn’t just lawns, either; evergreens, which are popular landscaping plants thanks to their color, are particularly vulnerable to salt’s ill effects.

Moral of the story: think ahead when using de-icers, lest you want to invest in new landscaping!

Consider a Retention Pond

Retention ponds make collecting meltwater a lot more glamorous! These small, man-made ponds act as reservoirs for meltwater, preventing puddling while also being quite nice to look at. They can shield various parts of your HOA from the damaging effects of standing water, making them a worthwhile community improvement in our meltwater-heavy state.

Think About the Big Picture

It’s not just de-icers that can damage groundwater supplies or harm plants. Meltwater that’s mismanaged in any way can have disastrous ecological consequences, from erosion to foundational damage of amenities. Before you choose a space for your meltwater, think about the location from multiple standpoints and consult with multiple vendors to enlist help and advice.

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