With snow on the horizon, it’s only natural that your HOA management team wants to do everything preemptive it can to make sure the neighborhood weathers it well. That means adjusting landscaping, sealing concrete—and yes, double-checking your current contract with your snowplow vendor to make sure it’s up to snuff.

While it’s unlikely that your contract will change since last year unless you’ve signed something new, of course, reviewing it now helps to make sure that your vendor can give you the service your HOA needs to stay safe and stave off being snowed in.

Gassen, your Eden Prairie provider of property management services, is here to help you review your snow plow contract and keep your community thriving this winter.

Does the Overall Cost Check Out?

Your accounting property management needs will fluctuate from year to year, so it’s paramount that you review your contractor’s rates to be sure you’ll be able to afford them. While it’s impossible to predict how much snow you’ll get, of course, using financial records from years past and previous weather reports can help.

Some snow contracts charge by the visit, and others use an hourly rate, so the volatility of cost can vary. If you’re considering swapping contractors, you’ll need to ensure your current one doesn’t have a termination fee. (Or if they do, ensure that you can pay for it.)

Do New Amenities Need to Be Plowed?

If your HOA management team was lucky enough to implement new buildings or community areas, you’ll probably be responsible for having them plowed. Though what’s written in the regulations of course varies, generally the HOA is responsible for keeping community areas tidy. This includes sidewalks and parking lots.

If you need new amenities plowed, it’s important to reach out to your contractor and let them know well ahead of time so that the board can act in accordance with its own regulations.

Have You Considered Pre-Treating?

Even an inch of snow can be dangerous in an HOA, and as we’ve covered in our blog “How to Keep Community Members Safe From Falling on the Ice,” the board could be held legally responsible should injury occur.

Unfortunately, many snow plow services don’t come out until accumulation is significant, but many do provide pre-treatment options such as salting the roads. When used wisely and with environmental conscientiousness, such services can make your neighborhood a safer place to be in with little consequence. They’re a great investment to ask about if you haven’t in previous years.

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