A home’s exterior is a reflection of its owner’s personal sense of style. When it comes to HOA communities, however, that very same exterior also impacts the community vibe as a whole. This is why many HOA management boards opt for limitations on what residents can and can’t do to their homes.

Maintaining these restrictions while also giving residents the autonomy they need to be happy in your community can be a tricky line to walk, but with our many years of experience in association management, we at Gassen are here to help!

Let’s go over a few helpful how-to’s on creating that perfect balance.

State Rules Unambiguously

This goes for pretty much any HOA management regulation, but it’s especially important when it comes to housing colors. Whether or not you’re able to contest a proposed home color hinges pretty much exclusively on that color’s presence – or lack thereof – in the rules.

Get as specific as you can when it comes to these rules.

For example: “No bright colors” can mean any number of things. Though the board may intend to refer to shades like pea green or sky blue, a resident may read this completely differently and reason that bright white paint is unacceptable. In reality, no problem would be seen with this.

Even listing the color “brown” can be problematic, as it encompasses many hues, some of which may be acceptable and others not.

The more you can narrow down your requirements, the better.

Make a Well-Oiled Architectural Committee

Property management services and the board alike both owe residents prompt and fair service.

Given that most HOAs use an Architectural Control Committee, or ACC, to regulate exterior renovations, this committee must be active, responsive, and have a thorough understanding of the pre-written rules that dictate their work.

Without this, you risk a neighborhood that’s beholden to regulations that don’t actually exist.

Include an Approval Process

Since your ACC is responsible for thoroughly knowing the regulations for exterior designs in your neighborhood, part of their job should be to review homeowners’ requests to make changes.

Incorporating a submission process allows the board to know exactly what homeowners want to change on their property, what colors they may want to use, and if those changes work with the existing regulations.

With an approval process, the board has a little more control when maintaining the overall look of a neighborhood, as well as legal documentation in the case of a homeowner disregarding the rules.

Review HOA Management Rules Regularly

Trends in home colors come and go, just like in any industry. While it’s probably not sustainable to have a neighborhood that’s constantly clamoring for the latest and greatest hue, adjusting regulations to better reflect modern tastes now and again can prove beneficial.

You’ll breathe life into the neighborhood by allowing more contemporary styles, as well as boost resident satisfaction.

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