Streamline Property Management Using Accounting Services

There are few things in life that compare to owning a business. Even with a hectic schedule, the rewards of working for yourself as a property manager are far-reaching. But, what if you could streamline your operations, and focus more of your time on finding your next property? You can when you hire a property management company and leverage their accounting services.

Online Payment Services and Fees

At Gassen, we pride ourselves on our ability to leverage technology. With most residents having access to the Internet, it makes sense to use technology to collect rents, instead of allowing resident to come to the office. Our comprehensive online payment system is comprehensive. It collects monthly rents and any additional fees that may be assessed to the resident. By collecting rents and fees online, you can focus more on what you do best, find great properties to purchase.

Online Access to Reports

In addition to collecting payments, our online services create reports that give you more insight about your business. With more information about your residents, you can determine what properties are a great investment, what properties are costing you money, and what properties may need an increase in rents. If you had to do this on yourself generating a report could take you a few hours. At Gassen, we are your partners in your property investment business. Our goal is to help you work smarter by giving you access to the information our smart systems collect each month.

End-of-Year Documents

If you are like most property investors, the tax season can be a hassle. You have to make sure that all your important documents are in place and readily available in case you are audited. When you manage your documents on your on, it can easily become a challenge and critical documents can get misplaced in the shuffle. Fortunately, our reports include end-of-year documents that can help you remain accountable.

At Gassen, we take your property management business seriously. Whether you have one or one hundred properties, we want to partner with you. Our team is capable of managing your accounting services, which is time-consuming for most property investors. Additionally, we are happy to be your go-to source for all of your residents’ needs. If you are interested in hearing more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to give us a call.