As November winds down and December takes the spotlight, it’s a near surety that Minnesotan neighborhoods will have snow on the ground by now. Though it’s lovely to have such weather for the holidays, in the final few weeks before snow cover truly sets in, it’s critical that your HOA make sure all its last-minute prepwork is in check.

Otherwise, you’ll face the less-than-lovely sides of snow – the multitude of which we are sure you’re aware of. Running a little behind on winter prep?

Gassen, your Eden Prairie property management services provider, is here to help with a few must-dos.

Double Check Your Roofing

At this time of year, the homes in your neighborhood should have pristine roofing, free from storm damage and missing shingles. Not only is it a cosmetic concern, but a poorly cared for roof opens itself up to leaks, which can cause expensive mold problems in the attic, water damage in ceilings, and more.

Cracks and even small openings in your roof also increase your chances of developing a rodent problem. Squirrels, raccoons, bats, and other critters will nestle in your warm attic spaces if they discover an open crevice, and with the damage they can cause to your home, the expense of removing them and fixing everything adds up fast.

With luck, you’ve already squared away repairs with your roofing vendor, or your residents have taken care of them, if that’s how your community runs things. If you’re behind, though, make the call to our GMC Construction & Maintenance division immediately and schedule your roof inspection.

Though some roofing companies will go to work in the cold, it’s safer for them and quicker for you to make any repairs before the heavy snow starts.

Clean Out Gutters

Along with your roofing, make sure to have your gutters cleaned out and inspected. Minnesota’s constant freeze-thaw cycle quickly causes ice to build up along roof lines, especially in gutters that are clogged and not draining properly.

This excess of ice causes ice dams on your roof and weighs down your gutters sometimes to the point where they break off and damage your property. Have a professional clean your gutters out regularly or have them install a gutter guard to block debris from getting into your gutters in the first place.

Doing this will save you time and money in the long run and protect your home all the more in the winter months.

Take a Look at Landscaping

Sure, your accounting property management services might have squared away your budget when it comes to the landscaping. But is what’s in the ground ready to handle winter? Shifting soils, unpredictable puddling, and even the freeze thaw cycle can wreak havoc on dormant gardens.

Protect your buildings and power lines by trimming back tree branches that are encroaching too close to your property. Heavy snows and winter winds can cause tree limbs to break, and the last thing you want is for those limbs to break on top of your home or over power lines near it. Schedule a trimming before the full-fledged winter season begins.

Additionally, cover the landscaping you need to protect from the cold, like roses and other perennial plants. After cutting back the stems, have your landscaping professionals cover the plants with a thick layer of mulched leaves, grass clippings, and wood mulch to ensure their warmth and ability to thrive next spring.

Consider the Concrete

Concrete structures, be them driveways, walkways, or patios, need proper winterization in the form of sealing, before our state’s nasty freeze-thaw cycle gets the better of them. Since concrete is porous, it allows water to seep into it, and as the water freezes and thaws, it forces the concrete to expand and contract, wearing it down and eventually breaking it.

Having your concrete professionally sealed on a regular basis prevents water from seeping into it and maintains the life of your driveways, sidewalks, and patios.

See our preferred vendors list for quality concrete sealing that effectively winterizes your exterior spaces.

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