It’s a growing trend in HOAs: cluster mailboxes.

Located in a central part of the neighborhood, they are made up of many lockable compartments and stand in for individual mailboxes at a home’s driveway. They may be large and imposing, but they allow postal workers to deliver mail in a snap with a universal key, and they do eliminate the possibility of mailbox damage from snow plows. Plus, they prevent packages from being stolen off of porches!

But are cluster mailboxes worth the investment? Gassen, your provider of property management services, weighs in with a few pros and cons below.

Acknowledge the Risks

Cluster mailboxes offer a secure way for residents to retrieve their mail, as each box comes with its own key. Arguably, they’re safer than traditional mailboxes.

However, cluster mailboxes do come with their share of risks that you’ll need to mitigate if you’re to make the most out of these safety benefits. For example, if the box were to be vandalized or otherwise go out of order, this might affect the entire neighborhood – a problem that you wouldn’t need to contend with if the community used traditional models.

Plus, there always is the chance that a resident could lose their key or slack on getting their mail, resulting in an overstuffed box.

Though these risks can easily be taken care of with upped security measures and the proper regulation, they still deserve to be considered by HOA management to set the new mail system up for success.

Is Your Neighborhood on Board?

Yes, the HOA management board may see value in a cluster mailbox, but it’s just as important that your community be ready to make the switch.

Tradition is sometimes hard to let go of, and it could very well be the case that residents enjoy walking to the end of their driveways with a cup of coffee to get their mail each morning. Since your goal as HOA management should be to boost resident satisfaction, this too must be considered as well as the risks.

Is the Upgrade Important to Your Community?

When working in HOA management, there are always plenty of things one could spend the maintenance and upgrading fund on, so ask yourself if a cluster mailbox is really the renovation that best suits your community’s needs. If you’ve had theft problems, the answer may be obvious, but don’t shortchange other upgrades.

Check out our blog “What to Consider Before Offering Community Wi-Fi” or “Should Your HOA Install an Electric Car Charger?” for a few ideas.

Online property management services are also always a convenient add-on!

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