HOA management board members are often required to be experts in many things—finances, conflict resolution, you name it—but one area often eludes mastery without formal schooling: HOA law. You don’t need to have watched crime dramas to know that law is a complex, multifaceted world filled with loopholes. It practically requires mastery in order to even understand it!

Luckily, HOAs can, and should, seek the help of professionals for situations that get too far into the legal weeds. Below, you’ll learn more about what services an attorney who specializes in HOAs can offer your community.

HOA Attorneys Help you Mind the Legality of Your Regulations

Though HOAs have a great deal of power over the land they govern, they aren’t immune to state and federal law. If a regulation in your community, for example, violates the Fair Housing Act or the Americans With Disabilities Act, your HOA could end up in serious legal trouble.

An attorney with HOA specialization, though, helps you make sure all your regulations follow all applicable laws—and they may be able to point out areas where a situation could land you in hot water. Think of it as preventative HOA maintenance, but for your governing documents.

HOA Attorneys Help Interpret Your Regulations

Language is subjective, even when written, and HOA governing documents are no exception. Sometimes, your board may come across a rule from a board past that’s a little gray in meaning, or could be interpreted in a variety of ways. If you can’t decipher the meaning of a rule, it’s impossible to enforce it fairly! Likewise, new rule propositions, if not written in exactitudes, can create the same issue for future HOA management.

That’s where an attorney comes into play. With fluency in “legalese,” they can help your board understand the full extent of prewritten or potential regulations, helping you to judge their impact on your community and to follow them fairly.

HOA Attorneys Help you to Take Legal Action

Both HOA residents and HOAs have legal rights and responsibilities. If your HOA is found to be acting outside of those when it pursues legal action, huge amounts of money can be wasted. Should the need arise to bring the law into play, an attorney can, of course, make sure you’re doing it smartly and with respect for all parties involved.

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