As the winter holiday season rolls around once more, it’s only normal that residents in your neighborhood will begin to decorate. And while these decorations can be a heartwarming display of community unity, they can also cause quite  few problems for your neighborhood in terms of violating community standards. Given that some decorations also are tied to spiritual beliefs, though, where does your HOA draw the line, if at all?

Gassen, your expert providers of property management services, is here to help. Below, you’ll find a nuanced take on seasonal decor, complete with pertinent situational advice.

Check Your HOA Management’s Rulebook

Chances are, your board predecessors have left some sort of precedent when it comes to dealing with potentially problematic displays; decorating for the holidays isn’t anything new. It’s critical that your HOA management team follow this regulation to the letter, provided you don’t go through the formal motions of changing it.

Of course, that’s important with any action the board takes—but especially when it comes to holiday decor. Because it can be such a touchy topic, the team must carefully interpret, down to the smallest detail, the actions it is allowed to take in order to retain reputation and to use its power fairly.

How to Ethically Create New Regulations

That being said, you may still find yourself wanting to put into play new decoration rules to give your HOA a more orderly appearance and to protect the health of visitors. But what’s okay to regulate, and what just gets in the way of the holiday spirit?

That depends on the values your collective community holds. These values go beyond taste—beyond if the board happens to “like” a certain display or not. If a hypothetical decor choice interferes with a community’s goals, morals, or image, it might pay to work to institute new rules before the holiday season goes into full swing.

Smart Ideas to Consider

Fire safety is always something to consider when putting up HOA decorations, as not doing so can be disastrous. You may also want to consider putting limits on what type of decoration can be used. This may or may not include

●        Decoration size

●        Decoration noise levels

●        Prohibiting certain offensive decorations

●        Decoration color, in the case of lights

Gassen: Here to Help Your HOA Make Sound Decisions

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