The stuff that connects point A to point B in your HOA—it’s not often as thought about as, say, landscaping, but roads are nonetheless an important part of keeping your community looking amazing. Not to mention that doing so is a health concern; cracked paths and, yes, even the ubiquitous Minnesotan menace, the pothole, can do some serious damage to vehicles if left unchecked.

Don’t know the first thing about road maintenance? Gassen, Eden Prairie property management services providers, is here to help with a brief guide below to get you street smart.

Working With a Vendor

Nine times out of ten, it’s better to hire outside help to maintain the welfare of your roads. Not only will that vendor offer preemptive maintenance, but they’ll also serve as invaluable consult when it comes to longer-term projects. Just remember that you’ll need them for more than cracks; you may also require help for

●        Ridding your streets of debris (tree branches, roadkill, ETC)

●        Plowing and de-icing

●        Full repaving

●        Repair jobs, such as fixing potholes

●        Painting curbs and lanes

●        Sidewalks

Indeed, road work is more than surface-level fixes, so make sure the vendor you hire is well-versed in comprehensive care, or otherwise vet various companies to cover all of your bases.

Don’t Cut Construction Corners

Depending on how local laws break down, the roads in your HOA may not need to meet city codes—they’re private, meaning that HOA management assumes liability and maintenance requirements. That being said, that doesn’t mean that your HOA should skimp on quality! Though it may be tempting to do so—pavement is pavement, right?—doing so now can not only lead to higher maintenance costs, but major litigation down the line if the road becomes unsafe to drive on.

Invest in quality all-around, from care to construction, even if it costs a little more now. You'll thank yourself later.

Don’t Forget Drainage

Standing water is one of the most detrimental forces to asphalt roads in particular, even though it doesn’t look the part! Seepage can cause major cracks, crumbling, potholes, and a variety of other cosmetic and structural deficiencies. In addition to making sure your vendor will handle this, take care to unobscure storm drains and the like regularly.

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