This summer has been a dry one for Minnesota, and we all must do our part to conserve our natural resources—even HOA management and privately owned communities. Not only does this help save a finite resource for necessities, but it also does the environment a favor regardless. Plus, it saves your HOA money.

That being said, your HOA probably relies on water for a lot of things, from watering lawns to day-to-day maintenance needs, like pressure washing. How can you balance a need to conserve with your duty to keep your neighborhood looking great? Gassen, Eden Prairie property management services providers, has a few tips below.

Give Your Sprinklers a Checkup

Automated sprinklers are par for the course in many communities, but in dry conditions, using them liberally can be a tad extravagant. This extravagance only worsens if you have water that’s lost to storm drains or sidewalks instead of seeping into the soil, where it belongs—or if the pipes belowground aren’t watertight.

Now more than ever, then, is the time to have your vendor-of-choice check up on your sprinkler systems and the pipes that supply them. Are things leaking? Did an error in planning cause your sidewalks to be regularly showered?  Keeping everything in working order goes a long way towards conscientious water usage.

Practice Smart and Realistic Landscaping

This sort of weather is hard on plants—so don’t beat yourself up too much if your HOA’s gardens aren’t looking their best. Rather, set to work trying to make the best of the circumstances with water-saving gardening and smart lawn care techniques.

 Plants with low water requirements, for example, are always a good investment, no matter if you’re dealing with drought or not. You may also consider mulching around your landscaping, as it locks in moisture and keeps the soil cool.

Know Where You’re Starting and Ending

If you have no idea how much water you’re currently using, how will you know if your efforts are getting you anywhere? Consider using common-sense techniques to find benchmarks, such as calculating the difference between your summer and winter water usage to find the amount you use for landscaping. Information from your water supplier is paramount here.

Gassen: For the Good of Communities Everywhere

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