With Covid-induced work-from-home arrangements sometimes becoming permanent, many workers are relying more and more on local Wi-Fi arrangements these days in order to get stuff done.

As part of the community, your HOA management board would therefore be smart to consider a space in which members can access communal Internet. Not only will it boost morale, but it encourages residents to enjoy the fine amenities you’ve constructed for their satisfaction. That being said, some rules are in order to ensure smart usage. Gassen, Eden Prairie property management services pros, has some ideas for guidelines below.

Approach the Liability

Understand that, if you do choose to offer Wi-Fi, there is a certain liability that comes with it. If, for example, a community member lets loose a virus while connected to public Wi-Fi, you must ensure that the HOA is held harmless.

A good rule of thumb is to write a solid terms of use document that community members must agree to before connecting. Get an attorney on board to help, as they can make sure all of your bases are covered and loopholes tied up.

Debate Practicality

Sure, Wi-Fi sounds snazzy to have around, but do your community members feel the same way? As with any major HOA management decision, it’s only ethical to involve the rest of your residents. How many of them might actually use the Wi-Fi?

You may also want to ask yourself if implementing other amenities might take precedent over this one. Many, if not all, of your neighborhood homeowners probably already have Wi-Fi installed in their homes, so this may not be a “necessary” addition, depending on your situation—even though it sure is a nice one!

How Do You Make Sure the Network Is Resident-Only?

Since only residents pay for community Wi-Fi, they should be the only ones using it, but how do you make sure this is so? Figuring out a method that works for you might take some trial and error, but it’s worth it in the long run, as it can save you money in many cases.

Passwords are, of course, the simplest route, but changing them frequently for security purposes and properly distributing them can get taxing.

Gassen: Here to Tackle Tricky HOA Topics With You

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