Nobody likes to talk about garbage; why else does your HOA pay waste management companies to take the trash to the dump? Unfortunately, though, when you live in a community, a lot of people generates a lot of waste—so it’s critical that HOA management come up with a way to keep trash contained and community spaces green.

But since you can’t supervise every community member at every moment, though—nor do you probably want to—making sure things stay clean isn’t easy! That’s why Gassen, Eden Prairie providers of property management services, is here to help with a few tips below.

Recycle Where you Can

 Not only is it good for the environment, which is an obvious perk, but recycling also tames the amount of trash your HOA has to deal with. Two bins are better than one, after all. Plus, simply having a neighborhood recycling program can put waste disposal on the forefront of residents’ minds, encouraging them to be mindful of where they’re putting all of their trash, not just the recyclable type.

Just make sure that you’re on top of, even a bit of a stickler about, what stuff goes in which bins! The reason behind this is twofold: you don’t want anyone to incur fines from improper placement, and with enough trouble, your recycling vendor might decline to serve you.

Don’t Pay for Contractor Waste Disposal

They don’t pay dues, so they don’t get to use the services! It’s one thing to let a wayward worker recycle their water bottle, but allowing your lawn mowers to dispose of clippings in community receptacles, for example, can mean major trash backup.

Bring waste disposal up with contractors during contract negotiations, and don’t sign contracts that allow for a vendor’s waste disposal in community areas, unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences.

Make Plans Comprehensive

Trash goes to the edge of the curb to be picked up on a certain day—that’s a given. But good waste management programs account for the varying amounts of waste that correspond with varying seasons and circumstances. For instance, you might consider providing a community dumpster around the holidays, and don’t forget to provide options for disposing of larger items that might not fit in bins.

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