You’ve done the work on the landscaping, and the community garden is in full bloom. But what about the rest of the lawn? HOA communities maintain a high standard of living and beauty, and that includes having soft green lawns to walk on.

Whether your grassy spaces aren’t getting enough rain or you notice more wear and tear on your lawns, Gassen, your Eden Prairie provider of property management services, is here to help with a few HOA lawn care pointers below.

1. Learn What’s What With Water

Everyone knows that plants need water to grow, but not everyone knows that different plants require different amounts of it. As for your grass in Minnesota, you generally don’t need to water every day. In fact, overwatering can cause more issues than it solves!

Finding the ideal watering amount can take some trial and error, but it’s well worth the experimentation when your neighborhood’s lawns stay green through rain or shine. You can also consult Gassen’s preferred landscape vendors for advice.

2. Schedule Watering in the Morning

It is best to water your lawn or program your automatic sprinkler system to water early in the morning. The optimal hours are between 6 and 10 a.m., when more water can be absorbed into the roots. Watering later in the day causes more water to evaporate, defeating your purpose of saving your lawn and wasting water.

It’s also important to water while the sun is shining so photosynthesis can take place and your grass can grow healthier. Watering at night or when it’s excessively cloudy prevents grass from absorbing water correctly, and the dampness can even cause your grass to develop diseases.

3. Grow the Grass Longer

Trimming your grass extra short is one of the most harmful things you can do to your lawn. The soil is more likely to dry out under the sun without the foliage it once had to shelter it, which dries out your lawn. On top of that, weeds are more likely to move in and take over.

For instant improvement, mow your grass to 2 ½ to 3 inches in height. The taller the grass grows, the deeper its roots can grow, allowing it to access more water. As you keep it that length, watch it stay greener and healthier over time.

4. Go Easy on the Herbicide

Though it’s tempting to remove pesky weeds to give the grass more room to grow, chemicals are hard on the grass, even the ones that don’t “target” it. Being diligent and pulling weeds as you find them in your lawn or using a weed fork to remove them is the safest course for your greenways.

If you’re looking into herbicidal treatments, make sure the lawn is in otherwise good health before beginning. Then paint the weed killer on the affected area instead of over the entire lawn.

5. Let the Lawn Breathe

Aerate your lawn whenever you notice compacted soil. Aerating loosens the soil allowing water and nutrients to be better absorbed by the grass. This, in turn, gives the grass healthier root systems.

Pushing a garden fork into the ground in one-foot intervals will aerate the soil well for smaller areas. For larger areas, rent an aerator from a garden center or encourage your landscaping company to include aerating in their next service appointment.

6. Watch for Wear & Tear

Your green spaces are for people’s enjoyment, but lots of activity on your lawns will damage your grass over time. When excessive traffic harms your grass, block off the damaged area until the lawn revives.

To help prevent the regular wear and tear of a summer season, overseed your lawn in the fall. This will help the grass recuperate from the last year and thicken up to prepare for the next!

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