You’ve done the work on the landscaping, and the community amenities are bereft in blooms—but the rest of the lawns look like a wasteland! Indeed, Minnesota has been dry this summer, which has been hard on the grass everywhere, not just in HOA neighborhoods.

But these neighborhoods are known for their high standards of living and beauty, and part of both of those is having soft green lawns to walk on. Thus, understandably, the board is tearing its hair out! Gassen, your Eden Prairie providers of property management services, is here to help with a few HOA lawn care pointers below.

Learn What’s What With Water

Everyone knows that plants need water to grow, but not everyone knows that different plants require different amounts of it. As for your grass, while specific requirements vary, you generally don’t need to water every day. In fact, overwatering can cause more issues than it solves!

Finding the “ideal” watering schedule can take some trial and error, but it’s well worth the experimentation when your neighborhoods’ lawns stay green through rain or shine. You can also consult your landscape vendor for advice; even if they don’t do your lawns, they most likely will be happy to give you situation-specific pointers.

Let the Grass Grow as Long as You Can

This goes doubly if it’s been dry lately. We know, we know, it’s hard to watch your perfectly manicured lawns get a little scruffy, but doing so can be beneficial for the long-term looks and health of the grass.

Underneath shorn grass, the soil is more likely to dry out under the sun, as it doesn’t have the foliage it once did to shelter it. On top of that, the taller the grass grows, the deeper down its roots go, allowing it to access more water that it otherwise wouldn’t be able to.

Go Easy on the Herbicide

As above, this goes doubly if your lawn is dried out! Though it’s tempting to remove pesky weeds to give the grass more room to grow, chemicals are hard on the grass, even the ones that don’t “target” it.

If you’re looking into herbicidal treatments, make sure the lawn is in otherwise good health before beginning. Your lawn is already going through a tough time enduring whatever it is that dried it out, so don’t make things more difficult for it; in fact, doing so might actually give weeds the unlevel playing field they need to take over.

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