It seems like each day there’s something new being released about the automotive industry, and one of the latest innovations is that of the electric car. Instead of gasoline, these vehicles run on a charge, as their name implies—and their name implies that they also need a port in order to get power.

As part of an HOA management team, you’re no doubt in the business of providing for your residents, but does this entail providing them with a community space to “fill up” their new-age vehicles? Gassen, a top-notch Eden Prairie provider of property management services, weighs in below.

Convenience: A Great Way to Make Better Your Community

Imagine only needing to drive down the street to power your car instead of cruising into town to find a station. That’s the epitome of convenience! Given that one of the major benefits of living within an HOA is convenience—snow management and exterior maintenance services, we’re looking at you—installing an electric car port can be a great way to improve your community.

Thus, we at Gassen don’t see any reason against installing community chargers, so long as there is a widespread demand for them. Of course, though, like anything that’s public to your community, it must come with the proper regulations and considerations.

How Will you Pay for Them?

Keep in mind that installing a single station can cost $1,000 or more, so your HOA will not only need to budget for the potential increase in dues, but this as well. On the subject of dues, though, it’s also important to determine how, exactly, homeowners will pay for this extra electricity.

To prevent residents from paying for something they don’t use, consider chargers with software that tracks who “fills up,” or that asks for payment directly at the “pump.”

Should you Put Limits on Their Usage?

Small HOAs might be able to get away without limits, but when you’ve only installed a single station and there are a bunch of homeowners needing to charge their cars, how can you avoid scuffles?

Provided it’s necessary and doesn’t feel too constraining, your HOA can draw up a schedule that gives usage priority to certain homeowners at certain times, leaving free time to whomever shows up.

Gassen: Your Partners in With-the-Times HOA Management

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