In this post, we’ll let you know how to serve your community in one of its most well-respected and influential positions: a board member!

Whether your community uses property management services or not, the HOA management board is a critical part of what keeps its standard of living high. Though the position does come with a lot of work, with dedication and time, you can serve as the agent of change—or consistency—in your neighborhood. Gassen, five-star providers of Eden Prairie property management services, explains how below.

Let’s get to it!

Win an HOA Management Election

HOAs aren’t monarchies; each board member must be fairly elected by the community as written in the neighborhood’s regulations. Thus, to serve as president, treasurer, secretary, or anything in between, you too must be chosen by community vote.

If you’ve lived in your HOA for any length of time, you're probably familiar with when your election is—if you’re not, it varies depending on the association, so check out your governing documents for more information.

But can you just decide one day you’re running and start collecting votes from there? Not quite.

Achieve a Nomination

Your governing documents will also tell you what you need to do to be able to run in the first place—nominated, in other words. Sometimes this might just be filling out a form in an act of self-nomination; other times, you may need to collect a certain amount of signatures before you’ll be considered up for vote.

Run a Great Campaign

Easier said than done, right? After you have achieved a nomination, you will need to pull out all the stops to show your neighborhood you’re more than qualified for the position—you’re the obvious choice.

Many times, the existing board will outline this process; it can involve, for example, writing a “letter of intent” that describes what your qualifications are and what you’ll do for the community if elected.

Regardless of the campaign format, though, the more involved you’ve been and are in your community, the better, as a familiar face is already on positive grounds.

Gassen: Here to Help Your HOA Run Smoothly

Through online property management and accounting property management services, our Eden Prairie team streamlines HOA life, taking the load off of the board so that you can focus on doing what you do best: building a community. Give our Eden Prairie office a call today at 952-922-5575.