As if HOA management boards don’t have enough to deal with, landscaping pretty much automatically enters the mix—as you’d be hard-pressed to find an HOA without as many blooms as the local florist!

While this duty might be easier in more predictable climates, you live in Minnesota, where temperatures can drop thirty degrees or more in a day. Constructing hardy community landscaping is thus, needless to say, difficult, but it can be done. Gassen, your Eden Prairie providers or property management services, explains how below.

Do the Research

It’d be impossible to list each and every plant’s qualifications for your landscaping project here, so we’ll keep it simple: learn about each plant before you put it in the dirt, and learn about it from Minnesota-based sources. If you’re hiring a vendor to do your landscaping, this won’t be an issue, but volunteer-run projects will see mixed results if they oversimplify things.

Plants are frequently given a “zone” designation—a list of states wherein they’re deemed suitable for planting. While this info is a great reference point, not all places within the same zone are identical. Soil quality, sunlight, and your particular area’s weather can all vary, so check out local university extensions for more specific information or, better yet, speak with a local expert.

Mind Slope Erosion

Yes, a hilled arrangement looks lovely, but slopes come with their own share of problems. As rainwater flows down them, it carries away the topsoil—or otherwise destabilizes it. This can lead to unsightly mud puddles and a lack of overall landscape longevity.

Luckily, plenty of avenues are available to your HOA to stop or reduce such a problem. Consider

●        Terraced designs

●        Pebbles spread along the hill to derail flowing water (often called riprap)

●        Retaining walls

Consider an HOA Landscape Survey When Finished

Offered by landscaping companies, a landscaping survey essentially evaluates what’s currently going on with your setup, pointing out places that might need more or less water, where water is being wasted, etcetera. This will enable your HOA to efficiently use its water and cut down on landscaping maintenance costs. Plus, with a pro on hand, you can get answers to all your burning questions!

Gassen: Here to Simplify HOA Life

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