As far as amenities go, few are more universally appealing to young families than community playgrounds. They serve both as a space for kids to get some much-needed energy out and for parents in your HOA to meet and socialize—serving two demographics in one!

While playgrounds are a common fixture in many HOA communities, like any amenity, they’re not an addition to be taken lightly. If your neighborhood is considering one, quite a few things must first be considered. Luckily, Gassen, your Eden Prairie provider of property management services, is here to help. Read on to learn how to do your pre-playground planning the right way.

Considering Ground Material

For the safety of the children, proper footing around your playground equipment is essential. However, what “proper” is is, of course, subjective. Rubber tiles, for example, are springy and customizable, but they can be pricey. Sand is a soft old standby and much more budget friendly, but with it comes sanitation concerns.

A variety of materials have been tried throughout the years and rendered effective as playground footing. Your HOA will need to weigh

●        Budget considerations

●        Climate

●        Appearances

●        Maintenance

●        Accessibility

And pick something that fits its unique requirements. Regardless of choice, be sure to lay a thick enough layer of the stuff to fit national and local safety recommendations.

What’s Your Maintenance Plan?

Though playgrounds are relatively hands-off, as far as amenities go, you’ll still need to attend to it regularly to do your due duty of keeping your community safe. In the warmer months, for instance, you’ll need to keep an eye out for insect swarms, and the more frequently the HOA management board can get cleaning services out, the better. The breakdown of bolts is also always a concern.

Keeping a playground running smoothly requires a bit of experimentation, but always err on the side of caution. You should, in fact, draw up a basic maintenance plan before you even decide if your HOA is ready for a playground or not. Are you ready to work those tasks into your finances and schedules?

Gassen Is Here to Help you Make Tough Decisions

As a provider of everything from online property management to accounting property management, we’re here to take some of the strain out of running an HOA. For expert help with great service to boot, give our Eden Prairie office a call today at 952-922-5575. Let’s join hands and make your community shine!