Flowers, crops, and teamwork—three things that can come together beautifully in an HOA garden. If your community is a DIY-savvy one that’s looking to craft its own centerpiece, and to continuously make that centerpiece be one it can be proud of, getting your hands dirty with such a project just might be for you.

Of course, it comes with its share of worries—what’s to stop that centerpiece from flopping miserably or becoming a plot of overgrown land? Smart planning, that’s what! Gassen, Eden Prairie providers of property management services, has some tips below to help your community discover if it’s ready for a garden of its own.

Do you Have Plants at the Ready?

Of course, you don’t need to—and probably shouldn’t—have them physically yet! You’re still in the planning stage, after all. Part of that planning stage, however, is figuring out which flora your HOA will theoretically cultivate.

If your HOA management team has orchestrated general landscaping before, you probably know that that can sometimes be easier said than done. Color schemes, cover crops, perennials or annuals, flowers or food plants—there’s just so much to consider!

Don’t fret, though; you’ve got resources at your disposal, and best of all, they’re free.

●        University extensions often have a wide selection of resources available for gardeners

●        Local gardening small businesses are often happy to make recommendations

●        The National Gardening Association provides a variety of courses and informational pages

Is Your Community On Board?

Unlike many HOA amenities, you can’t hire a vendor to tend to your community garden—well, you could, but that would somewhat defeat the purpose.

HOA management should do a thorough job in assessing the willingness of their neighborhood to participate in such a project. If it isn’t fully thought through, not only could the garden potentially remain groundbound, but your community will feel as though the HOA management board saddled them with a task they wanted nothing to do with.

Is Everyone in Favor of the Rules?

If there will be crops, who gets them is best hashed out before they’re ready for the picking. Maintenance routines and responsibilities should be established. Talking about these at a board meeting is a great way to seek input.

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