You love your pets—as does everyone else in your HOA. But that doesn’t mean that everyone gets along! Barking dogs, screaming birds, cats that are indiscriminate about litter box usage… the list of potential snags animals can cause in your community life is just as long as their benefits. Adding onto the potential for conflict: owners often adore their pet so much that they can be blinded to how the animal’s behavior is problematic and affecting community life.

The good news is, though, that if your HOA management team goes about pet problems from a fair but gentle standpoint, they tend to be relatively manageable. Learn how to do just that below from Gassen, your Eden Prairie providers of property management services.

Get Specific

If anyone, board or community member alike, is going to make a complaint about an animal, it has to be specific. “I don’t like your dog” isn’t going to cut it. Your HOA’s individual rules will outline the complaint process, but generally speaking, helpful information includes

●        The behavior(s) that the animal exhibits

●        How they negatively affect community life

●        When the animal exhibits these behaviors (the owner might not even know they’re happening)

●        The applicable regulations they break

Stick to the Rules

Though you may be tempted to oust a resident immediately the first time their yapping dog rouses you at 3 AM, in many cases, your HOA’s written rules won’t allow it. Animals are unpredictable, after all, so many communities have some wiggle room in their pet clauses that might involve verbal warnings or fines. Don’t let frustrations get the better of you!

Go Beyond Your Rule-Required Duty

If you’re serious about keeping your neighborhood harmonious, not only is it essential that you follow your own rules, but that you also help the owner find a workable solution to them.

Pet issues aren’t as straightforward as enforcing, say, exterior guidelines; while it’s pretty easy to keep up on lawn maintenance, for example, owners may be at a loss as to how to make their beloved animal fit into community life. Consider collaborating to create a training plan for the animal or devise other ways to end problematic behaviors. You might also recommend professional help.

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