Secretary, president, treasurer, vice president – there are quite a few positions on an HOA management board, and quite a few roles within them. As extensive as these positions are, though, they don’t cover everything that might need to get done in a HOA, hence why many communities who work with property management services hire an HOA community manager.

Gassen, your Eden Prairie online property management pros, explains the purpose of this vital role below.

Your Partner in HOA Management

Your HOA’s community manager (CAM for short) keeps everything in your community running smoothly while also making sure everyone feels included. They are generally hired by a property management services provider to serve their clients.

On a day-to-day basis, your neighborhood CAM can be seen:

●        Planning fun neighborhood events and bashes

●        Keeping your HOA’s social media up-to-date

●        Coordinating board-approved maintenance and repair services

●        Overseeing neighborhood amenities

●        And more!

Basically, your community manager does a lot of the legwork for which a busy board might not have time. Their presence ensures that a community feels spoken and cared for while taking a load off of the HOA’s volunteers.

What Makes a Good Community Manager?

Of course, giving someone who isn’t community-elected that sort of responsibility can be quite daunting, so it’s essential that your board knows how to spot a good CAM.


First and foremost, to do their job correctly, a community manager needs to be outgoing. They’ll be doing a lot of face-to-face (or in these days, virtual) interaction with your community. Being a people-person is essential, as you don’t want your residents getting the cold shoulder!

Listening Skills

Secondly, any community manager worth their salt needs to be attentive. Every neighborhood needs a different type of service, and a good community manager thus brings their personalization prowess to work each and every day.


Finally, being organizational is practically a prerequisite. Since they serve as the go-between for the board, vendors, and community members, keeping track of who said what and when is a big part of the job. They must be mentally organized enough to separate the varying CC&Rs of the communities that they serve, and administratively enough to pay every association’s bills on time.

Gassen: Personalized and People-Powered HOA Help

Our staff can handle everything from accounting property management to online property management, and customized service that molds to your HOA is what we do best. In fact, when your HOA begins work with us, a company director handles your case for an entire sixty days before assigning your community the staff it needs.

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