A home’s exterior is an expression of an owner’s individuality, and living in an HOA shouldn’t change that. However, aside from their obligation to respect self-expression, HOA management has a responsibility to keep property values high, which means setting boundaries to ensure the neighborhood remains universally appealing.

These two duties are sometimes hard to fulfil simultaneously, but Gassen, your Eden Prairie property management services providers, has a few tips below.

Use Common Sense: Keep Things Neat

The simplest thing your board can do to keep property values high without infringing upon homeowner’s boundaries: require them to keep their yards looking nice! Picture-perfect isn’t a necessity, but items such as the following are easy, non-inflammatory ways to keep the neighborhood looking nice.

●        Request that residents keep lawns from overgrowing.

●        State where trash cans should be stored (out of street view) and when they should be brought out to the curb.

●        Make sure residents understand where they are allowed to store outdoor belongings, such as kayaks or bicycles.

Be as Specific as you Can

Exterior regulations like those above need to be clear, concise, and easy to understand. Nobody, board member or resident, likes quibbling over rules, and if push comes to shove and the board needs to decide if a line has been crossed, it can be difficult to do so if that line isn’t definitely drawn in the first place.

Make it a point to use exact numbers and measurements if the rule calls for them, and work to eliminate written ambiguity.

Foster Your Neighborhood Vibe

Is your HOA marvelously modern, or charmingly old-style? Regardless, the regulations your board sets regarding exterior appearances should directly correspond to it. This ensures a uniform aesthetic, which creates a community that potential residents would find appealing to live in.

A good rule of thumb: If a home exterior rule does not directly support the neighborhood aesthetic, it most likely doesn't need to exist.

When setting rules on paint colors, for example, does it really matter to your HOA if a home is painted a shade grayer of greige than its neighbor? What would allowing it radically affect? Probably nothing, you may be thinking, which is a good sign that things might not need to be regulated that closely.

Gassen: Here to Help Your Community Shine

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